10 Top Referrers for 2012

I used to do a top referrers of the month post, but it became a bit cumbersome.  I also decided that it didn’t add a whole lot of value to the site as far as content goes, so now I only do one annual top referrers list.  The list doesn’t include search engines, social platforms (twitter, facebook, etc), and aggregators like PFBlogs.org.  It also, obviously, won’t include any traffic sent my way for the next few days of the year.  But, barring any unforeseen big link/traffic days, I don’t think the list will change much. What it does include is other sites, like this one, who have generously shared links to my content with their readers.  I am forever appreciative of their generosity, and this is a small token of that appreciation.  Please take a few moments to visit them; I’m sure you’ll find something worth reading.

  1. Wisebread.com
  2. Yakezie.com
  3. MomsPlans.com
  4. SocialLending.net (name changed to LendAcademy.com)
  5. SoOverDebt.com (name changed to SoOverThis.com)
  6. Consumerist.com
  7. YesIAmCheap.com
  8. MoneyQandA.com
  9. ChristianPF.com
  10. Inexpensively.com

Once again, thank you to the owners and authors of those sites, and those not mentioned, for seeing fit to share my articles and news items.  A debt of gratitude is one of the few types of debt that I encourage!


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