Big Announcement Coming From Dave Ramsey

There’s been all kinds of buzz bouncing around on Twitter over the last few days about a big announcement that Dave Ramsey is going to make on his show this coming Thursday (3/26/2009).  At the moment, nobody is saying what it is, and I’ve only been able to figure out that the name for the announcement is “Town Hall For Hope”.  What that entails doesn’t seem like it will be made clear until Thursday so I guess I’ll have to try and tune in or pay attention to my twitter stream to find out.

UPDATE: I did some digging and found the following on the community forums on Dave’s site.  It would seem to be a preliminary idea for the Town Hall for Hope.

You know as well as I do that the economy is causing a lot of fear among Americans. We are exploring the possibility of holding a one-time national event called Town Hall for Hope to offer true hope for the future. I would address the nation live, speak briefly about the history of the American economy and provide biblically based answers to the real financial issues facing the average American family. I would then take questions from live audiences gathered all around the country.

Any guesses or theories out there?  Share them in the comments!

If you want to follow some folks that work for Dave Ramsey and have the inside scoop, here’s the list of the twitter accounts that I have been following:

And of course, there’s always DaveRamseyLIVE and TownHallForHope too.  You can also do a search for the hash tag for Town Hall for Hope (#THFH).

UPDATE 2: Dave couldn’t hold it in until tomorrow.  He announced it during the live show today.  You can visit to see further details.  Looks like a pretty cool event.

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