Innovis Health Stinks

Unfortunately, I try to keep this blog safe for work; which means that I can’t use the words and terms that I would like to in reference to Innovis.  In short, Innovis Health is one of the worst medical facilities that I’ve ever had to deal with.  And that’s not an exaggeration.  Innovis Stinks.

And here’s why.  Actually, the laundry list of reasons is a bit too long for me to go into detail, but let me discuss the most recent issue that is prompting this post.

I owe them money.  All told, it’s around $1300 that I owe them.  Not a big deal, and manageable.  Unless your Innovis.  Beginning in November of last year, I’ve had a budgeted agreement with them to pay them $45 a month.  I set it up on my bill pay to make sure that I won’t miss a payment and all is well and good, right?  Wrong.

Today, I got a phone call from their business department (read bill department) requesting a call back.  I called back and got a rep.  What she explained to me is that the policy of Innovis is to get at least 10% of the outstanding bill as a payment.  Fine, I told her, but I can’t pay that.  We only have so much money in the month and $45 is what we can afford to send to them.  I was then informed that unless they get the 10%, there is no way for them to guarantee that my bill will not get reviewed for collections.  What?!?

In a nutshell, they would rather sell my account to a collection agency and get 50% (or whatever an agency pays for debt) of the money they are owed instead of carrying the bill and receive all of it $45 at a time?  What kind of hair brained idea is that?  By being a good consumer and paying my bill on time and consistently, they are going to irreparably damage my credit report?  Some reward for doing the right thing.

I have half a mind to ask them to send it to collections now so I can begin negotiations with the collection agency to reduce the bill.  Unfortunately, I don’t know if that would affect my families ability to receive medical care there.  Not a big deal for me, I switched to a different medical facility a while ago, but Innovis has the only Pediatrician in town.

Innovis is the worst health facility I’ve ever dealt with.

And thanks for reading my rant.  I know I feel better.

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