Just Do It. Whatever It Is.

No matter where you go, the advice of those that already do to those that want to do is almost always, without fail, just do it.  Want to be a writer?  Forget the courses, workshops, and conferences.  Just write.  Want to be a photographer?  Just go out and take some pictures.  Want to be healthy and fit?  Yes, Nike said it best.  Just do it.

The mantra holds true for personal finance as well.  Want to retire rich?  You’ll need to save quite a bit up.  Don’t hem and haw about how much you can afford or when, just save it.  Don’t just learn how to retire by 40,  actually retire by 40! Want to become debt free?  Just pay it off.  Whatever it is in your personal finance life that needs work, you need to recognize that it’s not going to improve itself.  You’ll need to work on it.  And whatever it is, you need to also recognize that if you don’t just do it, you’ll never get it done.  Do your research, make a decision.  Once you’ve made a decision, follow up with it as quickly as possible and execute it even quicker.  100% of plans fail that don’t get acted upon.

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