Romance on a Budget

kiss on the steps Although the commercial sector would like to have you believe romance is strictly related to the wallet, the contrary is actually true. Most people will tell you the most romantic gift they’ve ever received cost very little, if any, money. This is great news for the guy or gal on a budget, and could stand as a lesson even if you aren’t financially challenged. You don’t have to have a platinum credit card to make a favorable romantic impression, even if it is your first credit card and you feel like showing off.

Put The Credit Card Away and Reach Into Your Heart

Okay, that probably sounds really corny, but a gift or romantic gesture really doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t come from the heart. Anyone can charge a gift to a credit card – but if it’s not a gift your lover can appreciate, what’s the point? A diamond encrusted vacuum cleaner is still a vacuum cleaner, if you see the point. Want to make an indelible romantic impression? Try some of these inexpensive ideas to start off a new romance or to inject some romance into an established relationship:

  • Use candles everywhere. Use them when having dinner, taking a bath or eating dinner together. They’re inexpensive, good for the power bill and good for the environment. Plus, they emit a lovely glow which will put anyone in a romantic mood and ease a bad day.
  • Pucker up and kiss! Remember the good old days when you’d mack out until your lips were chapped? Whatever happened to that? Instead of just pecking each other on the cheek like two old-maiden aunties, lay a liplock on one another.
  • This might seem corny too, but you will absolutely melt his or her heart with a  love letter or post-it notes in unexpected places. In the car, on the bathroom mirror, in his sock drawer, in the fridge, on the TV, in the book she’s reading…use your creativity and the options are limitless.
  • Keeping up the physical aspect of romance, holding hands or sharing a hug is sure to ignite romantic feelings. A hug out of the blue is one of the most romantic things ever, and holding hands inspires the same kind of response.
  • There’s also nothing wrong with snuggling on the couch and watching television or a movie you can both enjoy. If you have children, put them to bed early or snuggle up with them, too. After all, they’re the fruit of your romance and it’s nice to include them on occasion in a family moment.

You don’t have to spend any money to be romantic, because romance is a state of mind, not the state of your wallet. The personal touches and reminders of why you’re together in the first place are the most romantic activities of all.

photo credit: jonrawlinson

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