SwagBucks Offers and Codes Galore!

As you know, I’m a big fan of SwagBucks.  For me, it’s an easy way to accumulate points for doing things that I already do (search and coupons) and cash those points in for gift cards to places, like Amazon, where I shop regularly.  In fact, I just used my latest $5 Amazon card from SwagBucks to help pay for a new heating element for our clothes dryer.  (Stay tuned for a post on that once I’ve replaced it)

Today though, I’ve got a couple of special offers from SB as well as a super special sign up code that you can use to jump start your SwagBucks collection!

First, if you aren’t already a member of SwagBucks, you can use the following code to sign up and receive an extra 70 SB.  Add that to the 30 you get normally for signing up, and you get a total of 100 SB credited to your account when you sign up.  It only takes 450-500 to redeem for a $5 gift card, so you’ll be a good part of the way there.  Here’s the code:


Use it when you sign up for SwagBucks.

Now, for the special SwagBucks offers.

The special offers are available to new and current users of SB, so anyone can collect on them.  Sign up with a new account, use the code above, then take advantage of all four special offers and you’ll already have earned your first $5 gift card.  Pretty sweet deal for about 15 minutes of work.

Please note that these are special offers, so I can’t guarantee how long they’ll be available.  The sign up code is only good through 11/21/2012.


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