The Work Revolution

The Work Revolution

By: Dr. Julie Clow

There are so many gurus and life coaches out there that are telling everyone that they can that the only way to truly be happy with work, is to leave work, and get on an entrepreneurial journey.  There’s books, seminars, and more than enough websites that are dedicated to helping you find a way to escape the daily grind that is your work.  Dr. Clow thinks there’s a better way to go about it.  In The Work Revolution, Dr. Clow lays down the argument that it isn’t that you need to find an escape from work, but that work as we know it is in need of a revolution.

The 9-5 workday has it’s roots deep in the factories and assembly lines of the industrial revolution.  Dr. Clow posits that we are deep into the throws of a new revolution.  An information revolution.  No longer are we constrained by the physical localities that we work, and often find ourselves working with others within our company that are in entirely different timezones, and even different continents, than we are.  Work needs to change, she says, and we have to help it.

Of course, the book isn’t all about just the hours we work.  And, it’s not just about what we as the employees and workers can do to change work.  Each of the sections has a dedicated section for employers and leaders on how they too can help change the way we work, and make our companies better.

If you aren’t ready to make the jump to self-employment and entrepreneurship, or just don’t want to, but aren’t satisfied with the work environment that you are in, take the time to read this book.  It’s full of lots of information and new ideas on how work can be given a push in the right direction towards change.

On a more personal note, it’s interesting to me that I ended up with this book for review at almost the exact same time that I was making a decision on returning to the workforce.  Many of the points that Dr. Clow makes on how work is broken, and how companies are dysfunctional stuck out to me as things that I had become unhappy with in my old job.  At the same time, I saw many of the things that she suggests as ways to make a move towards a work revolution that were already happening at what would become my new job.  Just that fact alone has made me much more comfortable with making the decision to take the job.  Proof positive that The Work Revolution is a good book to read even if you’re currently looking for a job!