The Skinny On Time Management

The Skinny On: Time Management

By: Jim Randel

I recently did a review of The Skinny On: Credit Cards, by Jim Randel.  This book came along with that one and several others.  Disclosure: The publisher sent them to me for review.

As any of the other Skinny On books, this one is short and to the point.  Randel wastes none of your time filling you with fluff.  Instead, he breaks down several much more complex time management systems, adds a few things of his own in, and then presents it in a stick-figure laden slide show of a book.  Having read most of the books that he talks about previously, most of the information was merely a review.  The few things that Randel added in of his own were minor.  What I really liked about this book is that it can act as a quick and easy refresher of the principles that I’ve learned elsewhere.  If it were my first book on time management, I might feel a bit differently, and it might have been much more educational.

I did like it, though.  And it’s probably one that I’ll keep around to reread every once in a while for that reminder factor.  And since it’s nice and short, I don’t have to worry about taking a whole lot of time out of my schedule to reread any of the longer time management books that I have read, just a quick read through this one.

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