USPS Cancels Saturday’s Mail

In case you missed the news, the United States Postal Service announced that it would be stopping mail delivery on Saturdays beginning in August.  According to them, it should save the service about 2 Billion a year.  Yep, your Saturday mail costs the USPS 2 Billion a year.  No wonder stamps are almost $0.50!

Random “feeling old moment”:  I remember when you could send a first class letter for $0.22.

There’s a part of me that has to wonder out loud why it is that they’ve taken this long to cancel the Saturday mail.  Especially if they’ve been bleeding money from their budget for years.  Maybe they thought that it gave them some sort of competitive advantage because they were delivering things when other services weren’t?  Maybe it was some hold over from some governmental regulation?  Does anyone know why they delivered on Saturday in the first place?

The deficit for the USPS last year was $1.7 Billion.  So, dropping the Saturday delivery could actually put them back in the black for 2014.  I doubt it will do much to help them this year, since the change isn’t coming until August.  Another interesting thing is that the change needs to be approved by Congress before it can be enacted.  That would be the same Congress that has required the service to keep the employee pension funded for 75 years.  Which, gauging by how well other employee pension programs are going isn’t exactly going to be an easy thing.  My guess would be that getting that approval from Congress isn’t really a slam-dunk.  Is Congress dumb enough to force the USPS to continue to bleed money?  Do they see Saturday delivery as so essential that they’re willing to have the service spend $2 Billion to keep it?

In the end, I’d rather see Saturday delivery go away.  Actual physical delivery of mail itself is becoming something of a antique.  Nobody writes letters anymore.  Or, at least, very few people do.  Mostly it’s just bills and advertisements.  Unless it’s a parcel, that is.

What do you think?  Should Saturday delivery go?  Or should it stay?  Will Congress allow it to go away?

P.S. Normally, I would have posted this yesterday, but I couldn’t resist “delivering” it on a Saturday. 😉


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