Vote in the Plutus Awards

The Second Annual Plutus Awards are upon us!

What are the Plutus Awards, you might ask?  Well, they are an annual award given out for personal finance services and blogs.  Think of it like an Academy Award for personal finance.

The most brilliant part of the whole thing this year is that Beating Broke is one of the finalists.  My ebook, The Beating Broke Guide to Your Credit Score, is nominated as best new ebook.

I’m up against some very stiff competition, so I’ll need your help.  Will you go and vote?  I’d appreciate a vote for Beating Broke, but feel free to vote for the best of everything!  I’m honored to be nominated, and can’t wait to accept the award see who the winners are when they are presented at the Financial Bloggers Conference in Chicago at the end of the month!

Here’s the link to the voting ballot for the Plutus Awards, so go vote!

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