Weekly Wrap-up: St. Yakezie Edition

Another week has passed us by, and if you’re anything like my friends, you’re likely not reading this until Monday.  Take a few more aspirin, and then dig in for a super duper wrap-up!

  • First and Foremost, there’s the weekly Yakezie Carnival hosted by Sweat the Big Stuff.
  • Something tells me that Financial Samurai likes to be on time.
  • Money Funk is talking about traveling with teens.  Our kids aren’t quite there yet, but a good heads up for us.
  • Couple Money is celebrating by giving a way a Netbook!
  • Out of Debt Again is talking about something that I, gladly, don’t worry about much anymore.  How to properly write a check.
  • One Money Design has a great article on your options if you can’t pay your taxes on time.
  • Rainy Day Saver is fixing up light switches.  We did that when we moved into our house and the wiring looks just about as old!
  • Don’t make these 401(k) mistakes from Saving Money Today
  • The Girl with the Red Balloon isn’t going to float away, ’cause she’s got a shiny new rock on her finger!  Congrats!
  • Jim would like to know Why Are You Frugal? at Bargaineering.
  • The Consumerist has some of the details on the K-Mart Scam Coupon Debacle.

And that concludes our weekly wrap-up.  Whew!  That should keep you busy for the rest of your recovery Monday.

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