Yakezie March Madness Round 3

Round 2 of the Yakezie March Madness Blogger of the Year tournament is now over.  And, what seemed like an insurmountable opponent, Financial Samurai, fell like one of those funny looking fainting sheep when faced with the force of the Beating Broke fans!  We’ve now advanced on into the 3rd round, and it isn’t getting any easier.

For this 3rd round, Beating Broke has come up against another very worthy opponent.  It’s Kelly from Centsible Life!  She’s an awesome blogger, and a great person too!  But, that doesn’t mean we can’t all go vote for Beating Broke and leave her in the tournament dust!  While you’re at it, go over and subscribe to The Centsible Life.  Kelly has some great articles and has some great deals and tips too!

Now, go vote for Beating Broke!

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