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Want to guest post on Beating Broke? We accept guest posts that follow the guidelines on this page.

  • Author must be a member of the Yakezie Group or an owner/author of a personal finance blog.  Due to way too many submissions for guest posts from commercial sources looking for a way to get us to link to them, we’re limiting the ability to guest post on Beating Broke to only those who are members of the Yakezie Group or who own/write for a personal finance blog.  If you think you meet those requirements, and you can meet the rest of these requirements, please contact us about guest posting on Beating Broke.
  • Content must be original. Posts that have been previously published elsewhere will not be considered. Content will become property of BeatingBroke.com.
  • Content will not be published elsewhere. You agree to not re-publish or submit elsewhere. If you wish to re-publish elsewhere, you must obtain permission in writing.
  • Reasonable amount of links. I reserve the right to remove excessive back links. However, you are allowed to link to your own content. Just keep it fitting and within reason.  Usually about three (including the author bio) is a good number.  Links that are directly relevant to the article may be allowed above the three limit.
  • Content must fit the site. Please review previous posts on the site. This is a personal finance site dealing with budgeting, frugality, saving money, and paying off debt. If a submission is not closely related to those topics, it will most likely be declined.  Any content that deals with debt consolidation, payday loans, or debt settlement schemes will be taken on a per case basis, but will most likely be declined.
  • No length requirement. I do not have a minimum or maximum post length. However, I try to keep posts at least 250-300 words in length. Extremely long posts may be broken up at my discretion.
  • I reserve full editorial control.
  • Guest posts are not monetarily compensated. Guest posting is ideally a win-win-win situation. The site gets a fresh voice and perspective. The writer gets exposure and links back to their site. The readers get a chance to hear that new voice and possibly discover a new site of interest.

How do I submit my guest post? Please use the Contact Form to contact me with your idea and we can work out details for submission.

What is the difference between a guest writer and a contributing writer? That is a fairly simple question to answer. Guest writers tend to be one-time contributions or infrequent contributions. Contributing writers will re-occur, have their name in the article/post credit line, bio information from their profile at the bottom of a post, and can submit posts for review directly through the site.

How to I become a contributing writer? First, fill out the contributing writer application below.  Once it’s been reviewed, I’ll contact you to work out further details.

Will I be paid as a contributing writer? Contributing writers who contribute at least 2 posts per month and have committed to doing so for a period of at least 3 months may be paid.  How much is negotiable and dependent on quality of the writing.  Bonuses may be paid based on post performance.

When will I see my post on Beating Broke? This is highly dependent on what the post schedule looks like at the time of submission, if there are any other guest posts pending, etc.  Typically though guest posts can be scheduled within one week of submission. You will be notified of the tentative publication date when your post is accepted.  Contributing writers will have a set schedule for submission and publication. (e.g. one post per week, submitted by Sunday evening and posted during the week.)

If you have any other questions please use the Contact Form on this site.

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