Beating Broke Rules: Dedication

You can’t turn a corner, enter a bookstore, listen to radio, read a blog, or watch sports without hearing the word dedication several times.  We all talk about dedication in one shape or another.  And in truth, many of us still lack it.

Beating Broke Rule: Get Dedicated

Get dedicated to your goals.  Get dedicated to your new life being free from debt.  Get dedicated to saving for your retirement.  Get dedicated to saving for a house.  A new car.  A ring.  Just get dedicated.

Dedication to your goals is the only thing that will ensure that you can fulfill them.  If you aren’t dedicated to them, you won’t follow through.  If you aren’t dedicated, you won’t meet your goals.  Without dedication, you will fail.

Make the choice today.  Dedicate yourself to your goals and work every day to fulfill them.  Take a step now to reach your goals.  You’ll reach them before you know it.

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