ING Direct Offering $50 to Use Orange Checking

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ING Direct, the online savings account giant, is running a bit of a special, when you sign up for an Orange Checking account, and use the debit card that is associated with that account 3 times within 45 days.  I don’t see anything about when the offer will be pulled, but these generally don’t last too awful long.

If you’re unfamiliar with ING Direct, they really do bear some looking into.  I use them for most of my business accounts.  Part of that is because of the higher rates that they pay on their savings accounts (1.00% as of this article) that beat the pants off of what I’m getting from my local credit union.  Another part is that they make it super duper easy to create sub-accounts to help categorize your money.

For instance, in my account, I have an Orange Checking that I do almost all of the transactions through.  I then have two Orange Savings accounts, one as just a general savings and another that is a tax savings that I put a portion of all earnings into as a slush fund to help cover any tax costs each year.

In any case, if you don’t have an online checking, this could be a good opportunity to pick one up and grab a free $50 as a result.  Because you’ll be using the debit card associated with the account, you won’t have to change any deposits/withdrawals that you currently have set up, just deposit an opening balance, then use the debit card three times.  If you don’t want to use it after that, you don’t have to.  Heck, use it for three transactions that total less than $50 and you’ll get them paid for!

Beating Broke Note: The links here are affiliate links.  If you click on them and sign up, I will receive some money.  It’ll eventually get deposited into my orange checking and split up into my tax savings and regular savings.  Even if they weren’t affiliate links, I’d still recommend the company.

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