The Power of Facebook When Planning a Cross Country Move

Are you on Facebook?  Most everyone seems to be.  After all, Facebook is a great place to catch up with old friends, share photos of your kids (and see friends’ family photos), and even look up what old flames are doing now.

However, have you ever used Facebook as a tool to help facilitate a move?

Remember that cross country move my husband and I considered but didn’t think would actually happen?  Well, it’s going to happen.

This summer, we’ll be moving nearly 2,000 miles from Illinois to Arizona.

In the midst of all of our planning, I’ve been amazed at how Facebook has helped me to both sell stuff and learn about the new city we’re moving to.

Selling Junk Stuff

Cross Country Move I love dressing my kids in Gymboree clothes that I buy for a steal when they’re on sale and I have a coupon.  A few years ago, I had good luck selling them on eBay after the kids had outgrown them, but now, the market is saturated.  After eBay and PayPal fees, selling there is really not worth my time.

I found that there are several Gymboree groups on Facebook.  Since I have about three years of my daughters’ outgrown clothes to sell, this was a great find.  The first week I listed clothes on the Facebook groups, I earned over $200!  I still have about half of the clothes to sell.  Thanks, Facebook for giving me cash and reducing the “stuff” I’ll have to move.

Making Connections to the New City

Many Facebook groups let you ask off topic questions, so on one of the homeschooling Facebook groups I belong to, I asked an off topic question about the city we’re planning to move to.  Two women who live there responded and told me I could send them private messages about my questions about the area.

These women went above and beyond in answering every question I had.  In fact, one of the women, Donna, invited me to visit her when we took a preliminary trip to Arizona before my husband signed his contract.  We talked with her for over an hour at her house, and she gave us great information about things to do in the city, what she likes and dislikes, etc.

When we make our final move there, she’ll also be an excellent resource as we search for new doctors, dentists, car repair shops, etc.  Plus, it’s nice to have someone that we already know once we get in town.

How to Make Your Own Connections on Facebook

Have you harnessed the power of Facebook?  Doing so is easy.  If you haven’t done so yet, you may want to join some Facebook groups for activities and hobbies you’re interested in.  Finding one group initially is hardest.  Then, once you find a group you like, you’ll see on your sidebar other similar groups that you can join.

Many towns have Facebook pages or swap pages where you can sell and buy items from members in your local community.  Other groups like the Gymboree ones focus on people who like to buy and sell particular brands of clothes.

If you need to move or just to declutter your house, Facebook can be a great resource.

Do you use Facebook for more than just the basic social connection with friends and family?  If so, how?


Original photo credit: Gordon Joly on Flickr

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