The Blog Swap Participants

On friday, I hosted a post from Squirrelers as part of a blog swap.  It’s a pretty cool thing, where we pair up with others that are participating and then host our partners guest post on our blog.  So, I hosted Squirrelers, and he hosted mine!  It’s a great way to get some extra exposure with some people who wouldn’t normally read my stuff.  Here’s a list of the other participants so you can read some of the great day-to-day money saving tips that were floating around on friday!

Jacob from My Personal Finance Journey shares tips about how he saves big money on food and beverages
at Saving Money On Food & Drinks at Happy Simple Living.

Derek from Life and My Finances shares his parents’ story and best lesson with Paying Off Your Debts Early at Retire By 40.

Joe from Retire by 40 saves money and improves his health by Learning How To Cook at Life And My Finances.

Eliza from Happy Simple Living shares easy ways to find and save money
with all of the gain and none of the pain at 7 Painless Ways to Save Money at My Personal Finance Journey.

Miss T. from Prairie Eco Thrifter Shares a Dozen Ways to Save Money Around the House over at Broke Professionals.

Squirrelers gives examples as to why eliminating bad and unnecessary habits can save you money every day at Beating

Beating Broke tells us why Conscientious spending is the best day-to-day saving method at Squirrelers.

Crystal from Budgeting in the Fun Stuff shared her Best Day to Day Money Saving Tip at Grow Rich Simply.

Evan shows us how accountability will lead to success with Accountability Will Lead to Success at Buck Inspire.

MoneyCone shares how he Saves on Printing after discovering his printer’s inky little
secret at The Saved Quarter.

Penny from The Saved Quarter shares her pro-tips on saving money while
shopping with Never Pay Full Price at MoneyCone

Melissa from Mom’s Plans shares how Bartering and Substitutions can reduce expenses at Narrow Bridge.

Buck Inspire discovered the money saving potential of Public Transportation at My Journey to Millions.

Eric shares how he keeps his eyes on everything to make sure his finances are in good shape at Mom’s Plan.

Melissa discusses efforts to avoid going back to work including bartering and substitutions at Narrow Bridge.’
Now, go read them and then get ready for the big game this afternoon!

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